Kythira & Pitsinades

Kythira, the mythological birthplace of Venus(Aphrodite) and therefore the land of love and happiness. Byzantine churches,Venetian castles, traditional villages are witnesses of cultures and civilizations of the past. Magnificent beaches, quiet bays and picturesque little ports, walking trails, the scent of thyme, the vivid sunlight and winds are the present that makes Kythira the place to be.

Located in the centre of the island ,Pitsinades is a medieval officially protected traditional settlement near to Aroniadika and Potamos. Old ruins and new summer houses, serenity, quiet, magical sunsets and warm hospitality make Pitsinades and its Guesthouse the ideal place for unforgettable holidays.

How to reach the island
  • The journey to Kithira may start either from Piraeus by the boat “ΙONIS”  or driving by car to Gythio and then by ferry to Kythira (Rozakis travel agent 27330 22207). There is also a ferry from Neapolis ,southeast Peloponissos ,(Porfyroussa 27340 240040)and Kissamos Crete.
  • There are also daily flights from Athens and Thessaloniki.
  • Car rentals, Panagiotis Deutervos (6944263757), Anna(6977008897), CERIGO CAR(6944770161), Drakakis(6944840497)